Bokor Hill Station, Kampot, Cambodia

At an elevation of approximately 1,000 meters, Bokor Hill Station overlooks the scenic southern coast of Cambodia.  Built by the French in the early 1920's as a retreat from the opressive heat of the lowlands, Bokor has been abandoned since World War II.  The hill station consists of a once elegant hotel and casino, a Catholic Church, former royal residences and other buildings.  Political instability and warfare in Cambodia have caused the buildings to be left in a perpetual state of neglect.  Due to its elevation and strategic location, Bokor was fiercely fought over by the Khmer Rouge and the Vietnamese.  Enshrouded by clouds and fog, the moss covered buildings provide an eerie atmosphere to wander around in and exploring them is a sometimes spooky and exhilarating experience.  The entire mountain area around Bokor has recently been placed under protective status as a National Park by the Cambodian government.  This will ensure that the beauty of Bokor (including the magnificent view of the coastline and pristine jungle which serves as a habitat for wild elephants, monkeys and other jungle animals) will not be encroached upon by future development.
View from the gardens behind the casino with clouds rolling in over what the locals call the Gamblers' Killing Fields.  Apparently, when unlucky gamblers lost everything, they would use the conviently located cliff to end it all.
Moss covered walls of the casino as seen from the stairwell leading up to the third floor of the hotel.
The famous Bokor Hotel and Casino, left to the forces of nature since World War II.
Picture of the main casino hall from the roof of the hotel.
Clouds obscure the view of the abandoned Catholic Church.  Definately one of the more spooky sights at Bokor Hill Station.
Even spookier, Karen is contemplating the view of  Cambodia's southern coast from one of the many vantage points scattered around Bokor Hill Station.
The path that we followed on our three hour walk through the Bokor National Park.
The jungle that dominates Bokor Hill Station and the surrounding mountains.
View of Cambodia's southern coastline from the ruins of the formal royal residences.
View of Bokor Mountain from a riverside restaurant that served some of the best seafood in Cambodia.  This was the perfect end to a wonderful day.
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